Center for Creative Learning (CCL), is a private Christian academy rooted with a religious foundation. CCL provides a rich academic cirriculum, as well as a Christian Education program for children ages two through grade five. CCL provides a loving, nurturing Christian environment that promotes the finest education. Our mission is “it takes a village to raise a child” and doing so all while honoring God. CCL receives its funding thru the contributions of an affordable tuition cost and donations. We are thankful for our exemplary leadership, supportive parents, and compassionate, competent faculty and staff.

CCL is in need of a playground. Playgrounds provide crucial and vital opportunities for children to play, as well as improves and promotes the wellness of children through the use of exercise and developing motor skills. A playground is a great way to get students moving and having fun at the same time. CCL wants our students to not only be mentally fit but physically fit as well. We need your help to raise money to purchase a safe, fun, high quality playground  for our students. Because it takes a village to raise a child, we are calling on you for donations.  Please help CCL by making a donation towards a playground for our students.


We thank you, in advance, for your support.